West Vermilion Productions is a professional collaboration between Adam Falgout & Tim Hebert, who together have over 20 years experience photographing and filming weddings in Louisiana.

Adam & Tim have WAY too much fun at weddings. You can see they are quite the pair!   You never have to worry about your guests feeling awkward around these two.  They join in the celebration and party right along side everyone, ensuring that all your guests feel easy and relaxed around them, which makes for the best candid pictures because they blend right in!

Tim & Adam are both proud fathers, which helps them handle any situation capturing moments with children. Whether it's asking the right question to encourage a response or making them laugh to capture a genuine smile!

Adam & Tim love working together, even for big commercial jobs, but their primary passion is the Wedding Day.  Why? Because they love capturing beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.  They are experts at making sure everyone can be themselves while being captured on film or photo. Adam & Tim truly have a passion for Weddings.

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